Mystery Shopping List International

Aawsm Stuff · Full service firm offering Mystery Shopping, Merchandising, and Demo opportunities. (Australia, Canada, USA)

A&A Merchandising Ltd. · A fully integrated marketing services company that implements marketing programs at the retail level. (Australia, Canada, USA)

ABa Quality Monitoring Ltd. · UK and Ireland

 A Closer Look, Inc. · Focus on the hospitality industry. They are a reimburesment only company. They do not pay a fee to their shoppers. (Canada, USA)

AboutFace · Shopper Skill Development at Smiley University (education portal), cool list of resources and tools for shoppers. Great projects: restaurants, hotel, retail, home builders, auto, RV, grocery, and telephone projects. (Canada, USA)

Bare Associates International (BAI) · Runs mystery shopping services for restaurants, bars, golf courses, health clubs and hotels. Assignments available for mystery shoppers, hotel evaluators, and viewpoint/exit interviewers.

Bevinco · Inventory and sales auditing services for bars and restaurants. Basic knowledge of the bar & restaurant business. (Canada, USA)

Beyond Hello · Reflecting the customer's experience. Site has listing of available jobs. (Canada, Virgin Islands, UK)

BMA Mystery Shopping Services - Best Market Audits · Shopping, compliance audits, and customer counting. (Canada, USA, Puerto Rico)

Campus Consulting · Clients range from bookstore chains to financial services companies to shopping centers. (Canada)

Certified Reports, Inc. (CRI) · Mystery shopping, theater checks and evaluations, and auditing. Site has listing of available jobs. (Canada, USA)

Check Mark, Inc. · Banking, retail, restaurant, entertainment/leisure. Site has listing of available jobs. (Canada. USA, Puerto Rico)

Corporate Research Group (CRG) · Canada.

Coyle Hospitality Group · Provides mystery shopping and evaluation services exclusively to restaurants and hotels worldwide. Shoppers should dine in sitdown restaurants frequently on business and pleasure and be able to write well. (Worldwide)

Customer Impact, LLC · Specialize in restaurants, but also serve the retail, grocery, banking and C-store markets. (Asia, Canada, The Caribbean, Mexico, USA)

Customer Perspectives · Restaurants, banks, department stores, specialty stores, and more. Site has listing of available jobs. (Canada, USA)

Global Compliance Services · Assignments vary from mystery shopping, audits and inspections to market research and price comparisons. Well worth the extensive application process. (formerly known as Pinkerton) (Canada, USA)

Greet America, Inc. · Assignments include greeting consumers at various venues for either credit solicitation or sampling, and visiting retail establishments for activities such as mystery shopping, placing take-ones, information distribution, etc. (Canada, USA)

Hoed Mystery Shopping · Full spectrum of the retail and finanical marketplace assignments. (Australia, New Zealand)

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK /Multisearch GmbH · Retail, automotive, hotel, restaurant, fast food, service, manufacturing, bank business. (Europe)

JETT Customer Experience · Retail, Hospitality, F&B, Retail banking, Spa (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)

Maritz Research · Role play as a real customer to directly evaluate the quality of service delivered by a company. Audits may also be available. (UK, USA)

Market Force Information · Specializes in the food, theater, chain restaurant, consumer packed goods, banking, electronics and convenience and retail industries. (Canada, USA)

Marketing Endeavors, LLC · Variety of shops available: Dining, retail, automotive, gambling facilities, healthcare, real estate, banking, telephone/ internet, audio and video. Exit interviews and internet surveys. (Canada, France, Holland, USA)

Measure Consumer Perspectives · Serving all types of clients from Beauty Salons to Property Management. Traditional and video shopping. Payments usually made on the 15th of the following month. (Canada & USA)

Merchandising Consultants Associates (MCA) · Focus on Planogram, installation, demos, mystery shops, compliance checks. (Canada)

National Shopping Service (NSS) · Various shops, including: sit-down restaurants, fast food, retail, rental cars, amusement parks, auto service, associations, travel, banking. (Canada, France, USA)

National Shopping Service Network, LLC (NSSN) · Located in Colorado. In addition to your payment, you may get to keep the merchandise you are instructed to purchase. (Canada, UK, USA)

Navigator Customer Management · Automotive, housing, retail, financial. Digital video mystery shopping, non-video, email, telephone. (UK wide, off shore isles and N. Ireland)

 NOP World Mystery Shopping · Fast food, retail, transportation, automotive, wireless communications, financial, senior living. (Canada, Ireland, UK, USA)

Premier Service Consulting · Specializes in retail, hotel, and restaurant shops. (Canada, USA, Puerto Rico)

Presence Mystery Shopping · France

Primo Solutions, LLC · Home Builders, Apartments, Property Management, Senior s Housing, Financial Institutions, Retail, Hospitality (Canada, USA)

Quality Shopper · In house shopping company for a major supermarket chain. (Canada, USA)

Reflections · Provides a quality assurance program for the hospitality industry. (Canada, Puerto Rico, USA)

Rentrak Mystery Shopping · Video Stores, on-line DVD rental services, and downloading movies and TV shows from the Internet and cable systems. (Canada, USA)

Restaurant Evaluators, Inc. · Hospitality industry - restaurants, catering and hotels. (Mexico)

Retail Active · Provides Mystery Shopping, Customer Satisfaction Research and Insight for the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure sectors. (UK)

Secret Shopper (Sights on Service) · Offers a range of shops including hotels, restaurants, salons, banks, clinics and other businesses. Has been providing exceptional service to Clients and Shoppers since 1990. (Canada, USA)

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) · They operate mystery shopper programs in 18 countries. Focus is on restaurants, airlines, hotels, banks, automotive and retail

Sensus research · Autos, appearal, jewelry, and restaurant shops. (Canada, USA)

Service Intelligence · Fast food, retail of all varieties and transportation shops. Site has listing of available jobs. (Canada, USA)

SG Marketing Group · Does mostly shops for banks and retail stores. (Canada, USA)

Shop'n Chek Worldwide · Markets covered include: Manufacturing, Restaurant, Hospitality, Retailing, Service, Petroleum, and Utilities. Site lists where they are recruiting shoppers. (Offices worldwide)

Shoppers' View · Specializing in professionally evaluated telephone shops, hidden video and on site shops. (Canada, Carribean, Mexico, USA)
Spot Check Services · Restaurants, automotive, retail and others. (Canada)

Tenox Appraisal Systems, Inc · Canada

Trend Source · Hotel, grocery, retail, restaurant, automotive, and more. (Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Guam)

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