Finding A Mystery Shopping Job

Becoming a Mystery Shopper isn't as hard as you might think.

It only takes some preparation and researching on your part in order to find out what company and mystery shopping scenario is best for you.

Because of the mystery shopping scams that exist most professionals advise against putting trust into the hands of people that require you to pay for certification or training services without researching the businesses thoroughly beforehand. In fact, doing your research is the best way to find mystery shopping jobs that will benefit you and your schedule the best, in addition to avoiding scams. By researching the companies that provide mystery shopping training and employment, you are already more prepared than the hundreds of people who entertain the idea of becoming a mystery shopper but do not research thoroughly.

Searching online is an excellent way to understand your options as a potential mystery shopper. Certain Mystery Consumer Providers are more prevalent than in others in certain parts of the country. Others will send you training materials and information on mystery shopping without ever having to meet you in person. Some will begin the interview process online or via telephone and then later set you up with an in-person interview with someone in your area. There are infinite mystery shopping processes and ways in which to become employed as a mystery shopper. Thus, thoroughly researching the different opportunities that exist, will best ensure you find a job scenario that works well for you.

Since mystery shopping providers are so prevalent and represent safe and efficient ways in which to become a mystery shopper, this is an excellent place to begin your search. Mystery Consumer Providers require very little commitment when you are in search of information. Many will add you to the database of shoppers and inform you if there are assignments that might work well for you. This is a great way to begin your experience as a mystery shopper.

Many people want to work as an independent mystery consumer and do not want to be directly involved with a provider. There are many people who choose to take this route but still turn to providers for information such as online news, conferences and training materials. Several providers will train shoppers through a certification course. Independent shoppers may choose to become certified through a provider because the provider's certification is so well known among market research companies and businesses that hire mystery shoppers. Thus, even if you are thinking of working independently as a mystery shopper looking at the providers online is a great way to begin and expand your scope of understanding in terms of the mystery shopping industry.

It is important to note that there are many scams involving certifications. Never pay for a certification course unless you have thoroughly researched the company beforehand.