Mystery Shopping Jobs

Sales Quality Research Group, Inc. · Specialization: Bank and Investment Shops

Satisfaction Services · Visit a range of businesses to evaluate customer services and products.

Second To None, Inc. · Provides customer satisfaction measurement and management programs to restaurants, retail stores and service providers. Site has listing of available jobs

Secret Shopper (Sights on Service) · Offers a range of shops including hotels, restaurants, salons, banks, clinics and other businesses. Has been providing exceptional service to Clients and Shoppers since 1990.

Secret Shopping Services · Areas include: apartments, retail, restaurants, government, professional (accounting, health care), grocery stores, coffee houses, travel industry, malls, fast food, and integrity issues.

Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) · Focus is on restaurants, airlines, hotels, banks, automotive and retail.

sensus research · Autos, appearal, jewelry, and restaurant shops.

The Sentry Marketing Group, LLC · Mystery shopping in the automotive, restaurant and retail industries.

Service Alliance · Provides services to childcare industry, home/apartment, lodging and retail.

Service Check · Hotels, restaurants, retail, travel, and banking.

Service Connections, Inc. · Specializations new homes, cafeterias, retail, car washes, oil changes, dry cleaners, liquor stores, many market research projects, audio/video, hardware stores and more.(AZ, IL, IN, KY, NM, NV, OH, TN)

Service Evaluation Concepts (SEC) · Offers the capability to self-assign client engagements, review assignment portfolios, and submit evaluations.

Service Excellence Group · Restaurants and retail shops

Service Impressions · Restaurant, bar, hotel, health club, airport, golf course, store, apartment or housing complex

Service Intelligence · Fast food, retail of all varieties and transportation shops. Site has listing of available jobs

Service Performance Group · Client list includes Fortune 500 companies to independent businesses.

ServiceProbe · Focus on apartments, fast food and events. Shops are paid on flat fee basis. (Domestic USA, except Nevada)

The Service Quality Department · Mystery shopping reports are input directly online to make sure the true observations of the shopper are captured.

Service Research Corporation (SRC) · Mystery shopping, surveys, and focus groups

ServiceSense · Restaurants, Retail Establishments, Call Centers and Service Businesses.

Service Sleuth (a devision of HS Brands International) · Shop retail stores and restaurants.

Service Scouts · Our clients include professional sporting events, concerts, entertainment, private heath clubs, golf courses, restaurants, retail stores, dry cleaners, banks and hotels.

ServiceTRAC · Senior housing and retirement, housing, automotive, retail, and more

SG Marketing Group · Does mostly shops for banks and retail stores.

The Shadow Agency · Does video Mystery Shops in retail stores.

Shop'n Chek Worldwide · Markets covered include: Manufacturing, Restaurant, Hospitality, Retailing, Service, Petroleum, and Utilities. Site lists where they are recruiting shoppers.

Shoptalk Service Evaluations · Specializing in "target" apartment shops. (Washington, Oregon, Idaho)

Shoppers, Inc. · Specializes in restaurants, retail, and banks. Fee ranges from $15-$55 per shop plus reimbursement of purchase, if required. Site has listing of available jobs.

Shoppers' Critique International · Shops for new home sales, retail, banking, theme parks, independent care facilities, and more. Site has listing of available jobs.

Shoppers' View · Specializing in professionally evaluated telephone shops, hidden video and on site shops.

Sinclair Customer Metrics · Offers state-of-the-art Mystery Shopper services.

Speedmark Information Services · Supermarkets, convenience/gas, drug, mass merchandisers, quick-serve restaurants, liquor stores, bars, and restaurants

Spies in Disguise · Specializing in hospitality, automotive, and entertainment industries. Online reporting, job board, and fast payments/reimbursement
Texas Shoppers Network · Opportunities for Texans, as well as, the rest of the US.

TNS Intersearch · Nationwide, serves many of the fortune 200 companies. (Formally Elrick & Lavidge Marketing Research)

Trend Source · Hotel, grocery, retail, restaurant, automotive, and more.

Video Eyes · They offer a product called Video Stars - Video Training. To you it is video shopping. They are affiliated with Bare Associates International, Inc.

Wal-Mart · Research study participants needed to evaluate services and programs, both in the store and on their website.

The Zellman Group, LLC · (No information available.)