Mystery Shopping Jobs

The Pat Henry Group · Mystery shopping, product introductions, merchandising services, and demonstration programs.

 The Performance Edge · Hospitality, retail and service industries

Person to Person Quality · A leading consultant to banks, mortgage companies, and non-bank lenders.

Premier Service Inc. · Specializes in retail, hotel, and restaurant shops across North America.

Primo Solutions, LLC · Home Builders, Apartments, Property Management, Senior s Housing, Financial Institutions, Retail, Hospitality (Canada, USA)

Promotion Network, Inc. · Promotions such as in-store events, sampling, merchandising service and also mystery shopping.
PulseBack · Restaurant, retail and supermarket chains. Site has listing of available jobs.

Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, Inc. · Various types of shops including restaurants, retail, and banks..

Quality Assurance Consulting (QAC) · Mystery shopping and cost control services for the hospitality industry. Mainly East coast.

Quality Marketing Group · Mystery Shopping, Demos, Merchandising. Always looking for intelligent, reliable and flexible people

Quality Service Control · Specializes in Restaurants. (California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada)

Quality Service Inspections (QSI) Specialists · Customer service and integrity evaluations in all industry sectors of Nevada (Required to be Licensed Private Investigator in Nevada.)

QualityWorks Associates · Specializes in movie theatre and other entertainment shops, restaurant, retail and intercepts.

Quest for Best · Covers over 40 states, but shops are mainly available in the midwest and southwest. Site has listing of available jobs

Reality Check Mystery Shoppers · Has clients in the retail, hospitality, service, and entertainment industries

Reflections · Provides a quality assurance program for the hospitality industry.

Rentrak Mystery Shopping · Video Stores, on-line DVD rental services, and downloading movies and TV shows from the Internet and cable systems. (Canada, USA)

Restaurant Cops LLC. · Provides restaurant evaluations and secret shopping. Their goal is to become the "Premier" restaurant secret shopper company in the USA by specializing in one thing and performing the best at it. (All USA except Nevada)

Restaurant Evaluators, Inc. · Hospitality industry - restaurants, catering and hotels.

Retail Eyes · (No info available.)

Ritter & Associates · Nice people to work with.

Rocky Mountain Merchandising · Mystery shopping, as well as resets, cut-ins, tagging, signage and audits.  (CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, TX, UT, WY)

RoperNOP by NOP World · Fast food, retail, transportation, automotive, wireless communications, financial, senior living.