Mystery Shopping Jobs

California Marketing Specialists · Apartment shops. (All States)

Campus Consulting · Clients range from bookstore chains to financial services companies to shopping centers.

Capstone Research · In-person and telephone mystery shop programs, store audits and customer intercepts nationwide for service providers and manufacturers - including financial, food service, specialty retailers, and manufacturers of consumer products.

Certified Reports, Inc. (CRI) · Mystery shopping, theater checks and evaluations, and auditing. Site has listing of available jobs.

Check Mark, Inc. · Banking, retail, restaurant, entertainment/leisure. Site has listing of available jobs.

Check-Up Marketing · Visit department stores, specialty shops, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, hotel, banks, etc.

Cirrus Marketing Consultants · Nationwide.

Clear Evaluations · Mystery shops for all industries, and specializes in hidden video mystery shops.

Confero The Service Resources Group · Retail, grocery, and automotive shops. Site has listing of available jobs.

Consumer Impressions · Restaurant shops and in store and promotional audits.(AZ, FL, LA, OK, TN, TX)

Consumer Research Group (CRG) · Retail chain shops.

Corporate Research International (CoRI) · Shops are performed nationally in the banking, retail, entertainment, multi-family housing, and convenience store industries. (Formerly Employee Evaluators)

Corporate Risk Solutions / Asset Protection Associates · Retail Loss Prevention / Operation programs / Cellular Retail Mystery shopping programs.  Provides a wide range of Mystery shopping services and Loss Prevention consulting, training and investigations.

Count on Us · Clients include banks, restaurants, hotels/motels, retail stores and supermarkets.

Coyle Hospitality Group · Provides mystery shopping and evaluation services exclusively to restaurants and hotels worldwide. Shoppers should dine in sitdown restaurants frequently on business and pleasure and be able to write well.

Creative Image Associates, Inc. · Focus on financial services industry. IN, KY, MA, ME, MI, MO, MS, NC, NY, OK, RI

Cross Financial Group · Bank investment shops.

Customer 1st · Mystery shopping and on-site inspection service for the following industries: Banking, Retail, Fast Food, Fine Dinning, Medical, New Home Construction.

Customer Feedback, LLC · Retail and restaurant mystery shops. (Washington, Oregon and California)

Customer Perspectives · Restaurants, banks, department stores, specialty stores, and more. Site has listing of available jobs.

 Customer Service Experts, Inc. (CSE) · Retail, airport, event, destination, entertainment and food concessions.

Customer Service Perceptions · In addition to mystery shopping, opportunities include price checks, website evaluations, exit surveys, and employee surveys. (Charges a small fee to apply.)