Mystery Shopping Jobs

Data Quest, Ltd. · Integrity inspections and customer service evaluations. Industries served: financial, entertainment, hospitality and retail.

David Sparks & Associates (DSA) · Emphasis in the financial and healthcare fields, as well as other service industries and manufacturing.

DSG Associates · Shops the retail food service industry.

Ellis Property Management Services (EPMS) · Apartment shops.

Feedback Plus, Inc. · Shops in the retail, financial, hospitality, and service industries.

Focus on Service · Runs the secret shopper program to evaluate the service and food at Longhorn Steakhouse, Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, Don Pablo's, and Hops Grill Brewery.

Franchise Compliance, Inc. · Works with franchisors to ensure that each individual franchise follows the established guidelines, not only giving them the greatest opportunity for success, but also maintaining the integrity of the franchise system.

Gfk · Fast food, retail, transportation, automotive, wireless communications, financial, senior living.

Global Compliance Services · Assignments vary from mystery shopping, audits and inspections to market research and price comparisons. Well worth the extensive application process. (formerly known as Pinkerton)

Goodwin and Associates Hospitality Services LLC · Bar shops, restaurant and hotel dining shops. Kitchen audits. Primarily New England and Eastern Seaboard.

Graymark Security Group · Visit businesses ranging from retail stores and restaurants to nightclubs, hotels, cruise lines and other customer oriented companies.

Greet America, Inc. · Nationwide for services which include greeting consumers at various venues for either credit solicitation or sampling, and visiting retail establishments for activities such as mystery shopping, placing take-ones, information distribution, etc.