Mystery Shopping Jobs

Harris Teeter · Supermarket chain with stores in FL, GA, NC, SC, TN, and VA

i-SPY hospitality audit services, L.L.C. · Personal and prompt with payment. Pays shoppers immediately upon receiving any receipts from shops. Provides telephone administration testing and fast food shops across the USA; full service restaurant shops in Philadelphia and surrounding  area including PA, DC, NJ, DE, and New York City.

ICC/Decision Services · An industry leader in mystery shopping and merchandising solutions.

imyst · Market research services, mystery shopping programs, customer service evaluation, audits and assessments. Site has listing of available jobs.

Informa Research Services · Variety of industries such as financial and retail. Detail oriented company.

Infotel · Varied assignments: retail, restaurants, service stations, financial institutions, cruise and tour companies, health and fitness clubs, and more. Site has listing of available jobs.

Instant Reply · Dining and shopping assignments. Reports are submitted online.

IntelliShop · Mystery shopping, web site reviews, pricing surveys, audits, and more.

J M Ridgway Company · Has multiple types of shops including many transportation terminal shops available across USA.

Jancyn Evaluation Shops · Restaurant/Retail and Rental/Housing research. They have converted to a paperless, online reporting system. An account rep will contact you directly, electronically, when you qualify for shops available in your area.

LeBlanc & Associates · Specializes in the new home builder market. Their expertise and sole focus is the housing industry.